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My face is clear, Im taking doxy, nicomide and using plexion facial clearner. When my doxy ran out i broke out, i dont know what the ingredients in it are( ill check) but the nicomide is basically a zinc supplement that the derm prescriped for me.

My face is clear when i do get a pimple its usually a lil red pimple that goes away fast. But i do have a lot of red spots around my face, they have faded faster then the ones i nthe past but still inger around for weeks and months at a time. I think what creates the red marks is the stuff you apply to the zit, so i want spot treat any zits i get from now on.

I also use a lil aloe vera on my face where the blemishes/ dark spots are i think that helps a lil.

Im currently looking for a good vitamin supplement to purchase when i find one i like ill let you know which one. Heres the thing tho, The vitamins i think will take a lil while to take action to your body its not a quick fix, but i dont mind cause the longer it takes to work the longer it will last. I really believe in getting a good multi vitamin and maybe eating more variety of healthy foods.

Look around on this board, everyone takes about anti biotics and OTC products, yet no one is clear and there still hear posting. Go back and look at some old topics of people who posted, youll find a lot of people dont even post here anymore.. the reason is they cured their acne so the info passed around on this board is by people who have the same problem( if not worse) then you. Im not saying to not listen to these people but its obvious something needs to change.

I myself am taking doxy which is an anti biotic and if i get off it ill break out, but till i find a good supplement and bette diet ill have to stay on it and hope it keeps my skin clear.

Theres a pill called Derma Vite that has high amounts of the vitamins and minerals that help keep your face clear but i have neva tried it so i cant comment on how affective it is.

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