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I just wanted to let you know that while I do not have any advice about what you should do, I do know how frustrated you feel. Some days I wake up and think, Face doesn't look bad this morning, especially with make up on. Then about four hours later seems like there are 3 new pimples on my jaw line.

I too had a terrible summer. I am 27 and looked like I was a 12 year old at the onset of puberty :-( I was looking forward to beach trips with my friends, cookouts, pool parties, but I really didn't enjoy any of those things.

On July 4 it was the worse. I went to a barbeque and was afraid to introduce myself to people because of my pimply face.

Well I started going back to my derm and I found this message board, which has been really good for me. I learned about B5 here. I think the B5 has helped me tremendously but still there are some pimples on my neck and jawline that are so embedded into the skin, I have made the decision to do accutane again. Topicals really weren't helping and I don't think B5 is going to fully get rid of them.

I am not saying you necessairly need to do accutane. I just know how you feel about the ups and downs of acne. Maybe Yasmin isn't for you. Keep going to your doctor and if you don't see improvement in your face, try something else.

It will get better, though it does not seem like it at the moment...

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