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So, have you taken any prescription at all? Either pills or creams?

Benzoyl peroxide seemed to only dry out my face and it didnít do anything to help my acne. I used it for a couple of months along with BHA. Iíve heard the same about the honey; but never tried any soap. Iíve actually never seen it anywhere. How long have you been using it?

About a week ago I switched to a Dove cleanser instead of using anything else. I am using regenerist afterwards and then putting on tazorac cream just on my spots. Right now I still have like 8 big ugly lumps mainly around my chin. Itís weird; cause, for one; I only get them around my mouth/chin; and two Ė it kinda alternates. I get a break out on my left side that sticks around for a couple weeksÖ., then when that is slowly clearing up., my right side breaks out just as bad. Some weird cycle.

Iím avoiding eating any wheat products and taking vitamin pills that are supposed to support my adrenal gland. Iím also laying off sugar, except for the natural sugars in my fruits/vegetables. Iím going to give this ďregimineĒ of mine till the end of the year. At that point, if I still have this problem, then I am going to switch my birth control pills to Yasmin. Iíve only been on ortho tri cyclen; and I know that for some people, itís the wonder cure; and other people it doesnít help them. I read that Yasmin has a much different progestin and that the structure of it causes a similar effect to the skin as if spironlactone was taken.

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