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I'm trying this method now too for adult acne flare-ups, and the tone and clarity of my skin are improving after just a few days. The antioxidants in the cocoa butter heal the acne and the marks it leaves afterwards. It's also a great natural moiturizer. Maybe drying the heck out of our skin to clear up blemishes isn't such a great idea. It just makes your skin overcompensate and produce even more oil. I'm also done with all those dept. and drug store "miracle" skin cures. Most are garbage, as far as I'm concered. Just use a cleanser that works for your skin type and apply the cocoa butter stick to your skin morning and night. *Important*! Do *not* by the Palmers stick or tub of cocoa butter w/ vitamin e to use on your face! It's full of wax and petroleum and will make your break-outs worse. Like a previous poster said, only use the "Queen Helene 100 % Cocoa Butter" sticks. There are no additives to aggrevate your skin. I think you can also get a tub of raw cocoa butter online, but these are only $1.50 @ Rite Aid so I think they're your best bet.

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