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You know I think this is board is a shame, and I for one will no longer be posting here. i dont care what kind of advice i need.

On other acne boards, there seems to be a great deal more of sensitive people.

Gee whiz, dark angel was proud of herself for standing up for what she believes in and I for one agree with her.

Most of you guys who are bashing her for her inner anger about injustice have probably never stood up in front of a group and defended anything. I am sure you will probably come back and say you did, but I think that is bunch of bull.

ANd WHO ARE YOU? To say that the way she dealt with a situation was the wrong way. Are you god or something?

People here just cant seem to be happy or feel down, because there is always some self righteous person on this board coming down on them with their own"I know best" opinion. I for one have found many people on this board to be quite sensitive and respectful.

BUT if i have said it once I have said it a million times"EVERYONE deals with things Differently." It doesnt make it right or wrong. Sure, sometimes we all may need a little bit of emotional help, but just because something makes me mad and it doesnt make you mad that doesnt mean I am not allowed to address or react to those feelings.

So all in all good for you. I think more people need to be put in their place and to realize that their thinking is cruel and ignorant. Or you could sit quiet and not address anything as others have suggested...I guess you could be apathetic.

Just like the germans who sat back and watched millions of jews die....(a little more drastic I agree, but in principle it is the same).

The world does need to be educated that acne, obesity, alcholism, etc is a disease, some we can control and others we can not. Am I angry, sure I am. I am angry that people do not take into consideration how frustrating a situation is when you have no control over it and you constantly have to show it to the world.

Good luck to all, but i am out of here. I mean for god sakes, she felt proud of herself and some of you want to ruin even that bit of happiness. Maybe you are the ones who need to address your own thoughtlessness.
Recently, I have been trying to find some good out of this yucky skin condition disease or whatever you want to call it. See, I used to be a model and actress in highschool and really looked at people critically, including myself. At 17, I got cystic acne and have had good years and bad years with it. What used to be a porcleian face is now marred with pits and intensive scarring and acne now. However, I have learned how it feels to have something you can not control. I never look at anybody with any kind of so called "flaw" in their looks from psoriasis to acne to burn victims. I see someone with acne and I of course notice it, but never judge anybody. I have never judged ANYBODY by their looks since this acne curse has came upon me. I feel at least that is a plus. I know people look at me especially after I used to pick, I at times had to wear bandiads from picking, and now cause I don't pick people see huge heads on my face. And yeah I have cried over this not only aesthicitc (spelling I know is wrong) but also PAINFUL disease, those with cystic here know what I am talking about, but I know I have became a better person who is kinder and who does not judge. Sometimes I wish the people who stare can get this acne thing just as bad as I and see how they feel. Maybe then they can be sympathetic.

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