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Hi. I'll give you my exact vitamin dosages (But later on today b/c I'm going to work right now) - but I have no side-effects at all. I just take a lot of vitamins every day. The total is @ 50. I take 29 in the morning and 19 at night. But I've always taken SOME vitamins so I am able to take them by the handfull (with food of course). I'm an exercise instructor so if there is any muscle soreness connected with this dose - it's gone under the radar for me - I don't feel any different than I ever do...I'll get back to you later. But I'll say that so far I'm loving this...I look at the Accutane blogs that are posted around and I've gotten the same results such as the Initial Breakout in the first month (which was bad), the excessive dryness, especially around the eyes and dry lips. But now I use Genteal Eye ointment and lip balm. Use gentle cleansers too - no scrubs. Learned that the hard way. Talk to you later.

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