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Hi. Yeah, those are the results that I had - the worsening before it got better and it was almost enough to make me want to stop - however, since I'm 49 years old, I figured I had nothing to lose at this point...
I did a lot of research before embarking on this plan - 'accutane' is not just the patented name of acne medicine. Accutane is actually made by the body as a result of vitamin A conversion. If your body is not converting (or getting enough) vitamin A naturally or if one starts out in life with a body system that has trouble with vitamin A conversion - then you have acne. Sometimes the body catches up and corrects itself, sometimes not. I think that at age 49, my body wasn't going to get it right by itself. Sooo, I lived my life with acne since I was 13 years old.
One MUST take LiverRite/Milk Thistle to counter the effects of straight Vitamin A, but I broke it down into more easily digestible Beta Carotenes (all different types) and it is not used by the body unless it needs it...excess amounts leave the body and are not stored like regular straight Vitamin A (and Accutane) is. My vitamin bill per month easily exceeds $150.00; but that was not a problem for me. Blood test ARE a problem for me and always have been.
So, now I'm clear and my skin is not all dried out (like it was during the beginning) but I'm not oily either. (I used to use blotter sheets over my makeup but that is not necessary any more)...
So I feel that if one does the research and takes the necessary precautions and is in good health to begin with - one can be acne-free. What would one expect the medical professionals to say? Yeah, go ahead and take vitamins, don't come to us looking for expensive Accutane and medical tests because we don't need your money? Acne is just like the common cold - they will NEVER come up with an affordable generic alternative since acne doesn't actually KILL you but does generate lots of revenue. If Clearasil worked the first time, there would be no need to make multiple purchases and Clearasil's company would be out of business.
Alcohol does worse to the liver but since it is a money-generating goldmine, no one cares? Seems kind of stupid - doesn't it?
If anyone does NOT want to try vitamins - then don't.

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