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I, too, have just started trying high dose of vitamin a as a substitute for accutane results. However, after researching a bit, I formulated a plan for daily consumption of vitamin a derivatives in a combination which I spread out over the day (actually 2 1/2 courses)...My total dose is 287,000 IU. This I take in the forms of Cod Liver Oil (yuk!), Cod Liver softgels, beta carotene, and only a small portion from regular Vitamin A&D tablet. I also take other things with it such as Milk Thistle (for the liver/stomach), borage oil softgel, magnesium, zinc, copper, also a multi-vitamin (and whatever the Vitamin A dosage is included in that), green tea softgel and some more stuff. Yes, there are a lot of pills to take and I MUST take with food. This alternative came about b/c I pass out from blood tests!
Anyway, it is the end of day 7. Effects are currently the same as my nephew experienced while on Accutane. Dryness (very), some redness (I am blonde and fair anyway), lips are not so dry but I do have cracks on the sides of my mouth and my eyelids feel heavy (dry?). I have been moisturizing constantly. I use Cetaphil to wash and have added Tea Tree oil to the pump bottle. I also have Xiana from my doctor for topical application. All eruptions have been stabilized and are currently shrinking. Only one very large new one and I think that is due to the increase in white blood cell activity that is stimulated by the vitamin a which pushes out toxins (they have to go somehow I guess), skin is definitely changing - I can feel it. We'll see. My nephew was on Accutane for 6 months and is totally clear.
I always drink a lot of water anyway so that's been no problem. And surprisingly I found out that I should cut back on bread, and not surprising, sugar and chocolate and milk.
Will post more results in future.

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