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sorry for the late reply. glad to see the vitamin A is working good for you! i just ordered my bottle today and should arrive sometime next week. too bad i didnt start it way back when you did because i would be almost done too

i just have a few more questions as i wait for it to arrive.
1.) so what is the exact amount of vitamin A that your taking a day, not counting beta-carotenes (only natural vitamin like fish liver oil)?

2.) i bought my vitamin A pills each in 25,000ius. im planning too take around 200,000. so that is 8 pills per day. how should i break it up? take it all once? take 4 pills in the morning and 4 at night? take them before meals?

3.) did you get blood tests while on the vitamin A to make sure you didnt have liver toxicity?

4.) what side effects did you have besides dry skin? did you have headaches or bloody noses?

4.) how long do you think your results will last? hopefully the acne is permantly reduced somewhat. see i dont really too bad of acne except blackheads, but i have really oily skin. so this should be perfect for me

5.) oh and how much milk thistle and vitamin D did you take per day too? im only planning on taking the vitamin A, D, and milk thistle. u think that is engouh? becuase you had a whole list of thing you were taking

thanks for your time

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