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I have a couple friends on Accutane right now and although I don't see a change yet (they're still on treatment)-they do seem to have severe and persistent acne. Accutane is a very serious sort of treatment though and should be considered carefully.... the long-term effects aren't necessarily realized yet, though it has been linked to serious forms of birth defects, which is why women must have a regular monthly pregnancy tests. Accutane has also been linked to serious emotional and mental issues that I think need to be researched and evaluated more.

A friend of mine in Junior High was put on Accutane to treat her acne and she was severely depressed, of course they're could've been other issues, I honestly believe her treatment effected it. When I was taking a university microbiology class, many people talked about their experiences with Accutane and people they knew who had issues with Accutane (this included some people who they knew who actually committed suicide while on Accutane).

Although these are obviously serious cases, it did suprise me how common these issues were. I believe Accutane should be carefully considered before starting. The obvious Pro to Accutane are the results in a relatively short period of time. My ex-boyfriend told me about being on Accutane when he was a teenager and how it cleared it up (he practically never breaks out now). The treatment is relatively short- I think a maximum of about six months.

I definitley think you should speak to a dermatologist. I personally would never consider Accutane, and have treated my persistent Acne through other means. I have been on oral birth control for a little over two years now and never break out. I have clear and happy skin! Though birth control also has it's own side-effects, it personally helped me with my skin problems as well as some other menstrual issues.

I hope this was helpful!

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