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Hi Joeh, I have read alot of your posts regarding Spiro. You said you take 100 mg per day if i am correct. I have also read that you have had undesirable side effects, although from the sounds of your previous acne condition, i almost cant blame you for doing it. Myself my acne is not SO bad, unfortunately its so damn persistent and almost nothing can stop it. I am currently taking B5, I was taking accutane previously. Accutane worked great, but has no effect on my Chin acne which was the main reason i took accutane. B5 is to early to tell its effects. Anyway my whole acne experience is on the thread "Your Ultimate Acne Solution" which i believe you have read.

My question to you is have you ever tried taking the topical form of spiro and if no, why not? If spiro has worked so well for you maybe taking a lower dosage say 50mg per day or less AND using topical spiro may work for you? Just wondering your opinion based on your own experience. I have ordered Topical spiro and hope to get it in soon, although its not easy to get. Anyway thanx for your insight. Goodluck


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