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KC Lee,

Iíve oily skin, well a little, and I usually washed my face before the treatment. Iím one of those people who have oily skin, but once I washed my face, my skin would get so dry for at least couple hours before it got oily again... I just want to point this out because I washed my face before the treatment. So, Iím doing it with a dry face... Anyway, back to your question, I didnít notice my skin got a lot dryer than before the treatment. However, I did use a sunscreen & moisturizer afterward. NOTE: Itís recommended that you donít use sunscreen/moisturizer before your treatment... If you do, you need to wash your face before starting the treatment. As for redness, I also want to point out that my skin got red pretty easily especially after I washed my face or went outside... I noticed only a little redness after the treatment, but then again it could be that my face was always red... Either way, once I got back home and applied some sunscreens & moisturizers, the redness would subside within an hour or so... I experienced absolutely NO irritation! Nonetheless, if dryness, redness, or irritation is your concern, I donít think you need to worry about it too much because by far this is the only procedure that live up to their side effects advertisement claim! However, I know how you feel... When I first saw this, I was like it was hard to believe that my face would not get red, dry, or irritation when it exposed to this hot light... You know the feeling, when you walk outside to start your car in the summer/winter (even for like a 30 sec. walk), you felt like your face is dry, red, etc. well, my experience with the ClearLight is no where compared to that...

*Me*, It really depends on the location and how competitive the market is in your city. Iíve seen people paying anywhere from $50 to $100. Personally, I think anything over $70 is a little rip-off!!! My derm charged $30 per treatment and if you pay all eight treatments up front, they give you a break, which is $40 discounts... So, I only had to pay $200 for all eight treatments; by far this is the cheapest Iíve seen!!! Good luck!!!


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