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Hi there,

Thanks so much for your replys.

I must say today is another day and the whopper that I had yesterday has gone down alot, so I guess you could say this stuff is working in the fact the cysts dont hang around as long as before Roaccutane and as long as I resist the urge to TOUCH which I must say is my biggest downfall.

I always think that if I just scratch/pick the cyst it will look better "NOPE" it doesn't and do you think after two years of this I have learnt, as soon as I pick "JOY" I have made it worse.

I have found now that im on Roaacutane if I touch these things they get even worce, its like iv'e punched a hole in the side of my face and just as it scabs up you think its safe to scratch the dry part off and it's not and then you back to square one. YAY

My acne is cyst like, mostly on my chin but in the past it has ruined my cheeks, they come up out of no were in the morning im fine, by 1pm I can feel the tingling and by 3pm there it is massive painful lump that never comes to a head just sits there for a week. The pain is the worst, sometimes the whole side of my face feels numb.

I never had acne as a teenager, my friends used to say how lucky I was not to have spots, HUH well now they all have lovely skin and I feel like a spotty teenager.

And the worst thing of all is when people tell you "it doesn't look that bad" yeah right I say with a beehive sitting on the side of my face.

I have tryed everything before Roaccutane as I didnt want to take such a powerful drug without first trying alternatives but nothing worked !

I know it will get better but somedays you just want to give up. For me I started this drug 14 weeks ago and planned a hoilday in the GoldCoast in Australia (beach resort) hoping that I would be at the stage of being able to tie my hair back ( dont wear my hair up ever because I hate the scars I have on my cheeks) and go for a swim at the beach (don't swim because my makeup might fall off).

But NO I will not be doing this next week when I go on hoilday because I still have beehives on my face and the scars are still there.


Oh well never mind I'll do the next best thing "SHOP"

That always makes a girl feel better (until you look in those unforgiving changing room mirrors)

We will all get there in the end, but if your like me "I want my skin better tommorow"

Keep in touch and we can track our progress together, maybey that will make it eaiser.

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