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Hi all, growing up i had really bad acne... not the cyst kind, but lots of smaller acne on my face and back. About 2 years ago i went on accutane and it fixed me all up, i havnt had a breakout since.. until 2 weeks ago. It seems to only be on my chin.. it started out as a couple small.. bumps i guess, very tiny like the size of the tip of a needle. Those small bumps turned into big red zits, and i keep getting more of these small bumps :(. Im going home to see my girlfriend in a month from now, i havnt seen her in about 8 months and i wanna look good.. so im hoping i can fix this before then.

Atm im using cetaphil cleanser/moisturizer and the aspirin mask. I use proactiv refining mask as a spot treatment and leave it on over night (started this for the first time 2 nights ago). It just seems as soon as i fix one zit and it starts healing.. i get another one.. im moving backwards and its stressing me out which i know doesnt help :(.

Any advice would be great. Thanks in advance.

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