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I also have "The Acne Cure" book. I also think it makes sense.

One good thing about it is that it is fairly inexpensive and some of the stuff it requires, I already have at home. :)

What's different is how you use the stuff. It's a system.

Wash face with warm water and a small lather of salicylic wash (2%). I use Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash. Doesn't make my skin dry. Key is the product should have only the Salicylic Acid 2% as active ingredient.

Some people are allergic to Salicylic Acid, like my sister is. Never fear, just stop using the product.

Every individual reacts to different products differently.

I plan to walk my way up to the 4th step one at a time. Just to make sure I'm not allergic to any of the stuff.

I'm on the first step, which is the salicylic wash, now since Monday and will introduce the Glycolic cream 10% (VMV Hypoallergenic's Gylkeros, heard of it?) on Friday. I'm sure it would be great since I've been using glycolic peel with good results before.

I also think that Aaron isn't trying to manipulate anyone. He's just saying what works for him and YOU HAVE THE FREEDOM to try it too or not. Nobody has to be rude, right?

I haven't tried the system fully yet to say that it worked for me, but personally I appreciate Aaron's post and it gives me encouragement to try the system out.


Again, "The Acne Cure" in a nutshell: AND YOU DON'T HAVE TO RISK DOING IT IF YOU DON'T WANT TO!!!

Step 1: Salycilic Acid 2%

In the morning and evening....

1. Wash face with warm water.
2. Work a penny-sized amount of Salicylic lotion on your palm with a few drops of water to a lather and massage on affected areas.
3. Leave it on for a few minutes (about the time it takes you to brush your teeth)
4. Wash off with warm water.

Step 2: Glycolic Acid 8% to 10%

In the morning after salicylic wash...

1. Massage on face
2. Leave on to dry
3. If it's a wash, wash off again with warm water.

Step 3: Oil-Free Moisturizer with at least SPF 15

In the morning....

1. Apply after glycolic acid

Step 4: Benzoyl Peroxide

In the evening after the Salicylic wash...

1. Run an ice cube on affected areas to reduce swelling and in effect open pores.
2. Rub ice on your hands too to keep the BP from warming up
3. While face is still cold and wet, get the BP which you kept in the fridge to keep cold, and apply onto face with your cold hands/fingers.
4. Keep face cold with an ice pack for 10 minutes to ensure that BP is absorbed by the skin and stays there.
5. Pat off excess BP with dry towel


I hope it works for me, and for those willing to try it, I hope it works for you too.

You might be interested in reading the results gotten by some people who tried it. [url=""][/url]

Hey, Aaron, how's it going for you?


I hope no one got offended by the post.

PEACE! :angel:

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I too have read "The Acne Cure" by Dr. Terry Dubrow. I have been following his program for almost 2 weeks.
I could discern an impovement within 1 week.

I have used both glycolic acid and benyzoyl peroxide in the past. I've never had salicylic acid in the mix though. The new part of his treatment was adding the skin cooling step with the benzoyl peroxide. I am very hopeful that this treatment plan will rid me of acne.

The salicylic 2% solution is easy to find but finding a reasonably priced glycolic acid 8-10% solution has proved more difficult.

The cheapest I've found is Walgreens Alpha Hydroxy lotion. $5.99 for 6 ounces. It's an 8% solution.

Aqua Glycolic is the next cheapest. I've found the body wash 8 ounce size for $10.99. In Minneapolis Snyder's sells it. I haven't found it in Walmart yet.

Suave's Skin Therapy Revitalizing lotion/cream?, $4.99 for 2 ounces, also has the correct glycolic acid percentage. I haven't found it in a store but it is available on the internet.

You should really wash off glycolic acid within 20 minutes of application. Don't leave this ingredient on your skin. You've removed the pore clog now make sure you wash it away.

I use the cheapest benzoyl peroxide I can find. I've found Zapzyt at the dollar store for $1. Walmart's Equate brand is the next cheapest at $1.86 for 1 ounce.
I haven't found a cheap source of 5% solution and my skin can handle the 10% so that's what I use. Sensitive skin people will want the 5% or take a 10% and cut it with your favorite oil-free moisturizer.

The full "Acne Cure" program was featured in Prevention
magazine and is available on the internet.

Good luck to you all.

P.S. Dry skin, I have oily skin but did experience dry flaky red skin on my neck. Eucerin dry skin cream took care of that. Actually I use Walmart's Equate, about $4 for 16 ounces. I know that it's thick and creamy but it won't create acne for most people. It's cheap to try. I always keep a jar of this handy. Good stuff.

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