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I have been reading this book, THE ACNE CURE, which seems very promising and logical; written by a medical doctor.

I have been to a dermatologist recently for a LASER CONSULTATION, and everything this doc told me to do AFTER the LASER process is in this book.

I am not saying you must do LASER then do the treatments in the book, but it helps doing both.

Nevertheless, here is the CURE FOR ACNE: (Of course, LASER will help speed the process if u have $).



thats it!


Old fashioned? Yes. Of course, I am not talking about EXTREMELY SEVERE ACNE such as CYSTIC and other forms that require ACCUTANE.

This is just a serious alternate to those who have tried ANTI-BIOTICS, RETIN-A, and what not.

Yes, I have tried all that with little success. I am on this new 'old fashioned' process for 1 week now = no new zits.

[of course, in the past week, I have stopped RETIN-A, stopped my MULTI VITAMINS (whole new topic on why to stop this) and taking HERBAL pills such as Liver Cleaner and what not from a naturopathist]


Here is the deal:

-Whether u want to do the laser treatment or not, thats up to you.
-Whether u want to take herbal pills, again, up to you.

BUT - do not take anti-biotics, or use RETIN-A if they have not worked in the past, stopped working, or don't work well.

This process of the above medications, although old fashioned, work VERY WELL if used consistenly and carefully without drying the skin.

-Before I get started, remember:

*Never over-wash the face or make it dry. Wash only 2 times a day.

-With that said, here is the GOAL for EVERY ACNE SUFFERER:

*avoid clogging pores.
*remove the oils from the clogged pores.
*kill the bacteria.
*stop the inflammation.


To achieve the above, do the following in the morning and night:

1-Wet face or wash wash gently with non-medicated wash.

2-Apply SALYCILIC ACID 2% - lotion, toner, astringent.

3-Wait 5 minutes, apply GYCOLIC ACID - lotion or cream. This stuff acts as an antioxidant. It also helps with scars and wrinkles, along with acne.

4- ALTERNATING between the GLYCOLIC ACID, switch to BENZYL PEROXIDE cream or lotion or anything 5%. (10% is too harsh. remember, more is never better).
You can alternate morning GLYCOLIC and nightimes BENZYL. Its up to you. The BENZYL PEROXIDE is the most effective treatment for acne because it produces oxygen for the skin and kills bacteria.

5-Finally at night after you put on the BP, ICE down your skin for 10 minutes. This opens the pores and lets the Benzyl Peroxide u just put on to do deep down. Thus, it reduces inflamation.

*On top of all this, remember to use an oil free moisturizer with at least 15spf in the daytime.

-Each one of the medications does somthing different. That is why you must use all of it, not just one. Thats why people dont get the acne treated.

Remember our goals? Here it is again:

*avoid clogging pores. [salycilic acid works here]
*remove the oils [gycolic acid works here]
*kill the bacteria. [benzoyl peroxide works here]
*stop the inflammation. [the ice comes into play here]


In order to fully understand WHY and HOW these 4 treatments work so well together is to dig deep into your HIGH SCHOOL BIOLOGY BOOK, or read the ACNE CURE by Dr.Terry J Dubrow, MD.

I am a firm believer of this and my skin is looking great this week.

To back me up, as I mentioned, I talked to my DERMATOLOGIST about this and this is the exact METHOD of TREATMENT I will be continuing AFTER my LASER SURGURY is done.


Good luck to all of you. Hope u get cured.

By the way - that book also has a section on how FOOD causing ACNE is a huge MYTH. The statements presented in that chapter are very logical and understanding. I am beginning to believe that FOOD DOESNT CAUSE ACNE. But that is a whole new topic. I have evidence to back it up and much more. Yes, oily and unhealthy foods are bad for overall health, but do not trigger a pimple. Any foods consumed in moderation is ok.

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