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Cystic Acne
Sep 17, 2009
Hi everyone. I am brand new to this board and going through a terrible time. Any and all medications make me nauseated. I started taking minocycline twice a day and day 3 I almost passed out so my doctor told me to take it once a day. Now I am also taking Chantix (I started them at different time so that I would know which symptoms come from which meds. I have also taken Chantix before so I know what happens with that - if you don't know its a quit smoking pill - Day 3 not smoking!!!! :) ).

Anyway, I am taking minocycline and differin gel for my acne and I am wondering if all the nausea is worth it? I am about a month in and my face looks worse than ever. My husband's face/body is worse than ever and hes not using any meds and never really had bad acne. We wash our sheets, towels, etc frequently. I dont know whats going on, but both of us look horrible.

I have had cystic acne forever and its really depressing when older women who apparently think they are my grandmother, even though I have never ever met them, come up to me and ask "why dont you try that ProActive?" "You should wear more makeup". Its so embarrassing and they always say it in earshot of everyone at wherever I work, whether its a customer or a coworker I dont know.

My face is so awful and makeup does not cover anything, BC pills don't work. This is also ruining all chances for a career. I have a job, but thats only because I know the people. I have been on about 25 interviews the past year for a full-time job and I think my acne is the reason I haven't gotten any of those positions.

My doctor suggested Accutane off the bat but I can't because I have my own health insurance (not through my employer and they already wont pay half my bills so they will surely find a way to make me pay for all of the expensive Accutane).

So basically, did minocycline and differin clear you up? Has anyone taken just the gel and not the antibotics? Does that work too?

If it matters, I'm 25.

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