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I have an 11 yr old girl who has problems with her skin. Blackheads are the main issue. They are mostly on her nose, little on chin. I have had problems with my skin in the past and I can't not stand it. My child is not quite to the stage where she is too concerned about it(like me) but she does make comments about it sometimes. She thinks she just needs to cover it with powder. She has gone to Merle Norman here in our town and had Cranberry Peel( sorta detox your pores) It did okay. A couple of months later we went back and had a very "light" Microdermabrasion done and it really clean out her pores, but I could see little holes on her nose. She has pretty good sized pores. I have been reading on here about the aspirin mas/scrub. I am thinking about trying it just mainly on her nose and she how it does. How long and how often should you do it to really see results? Been to Derm. and tried different creams and nothing really seems to work. Because she is so young the Dr. didn't want ot do anything orally yet. Blackheads are something that I don't know alot about. I always has cystic acne or just acne. My skin is fine right now because of accutane. I LOVE IT!!! Please reply back and let me know about what you think about my 11 yr old
An 11 year olds' skin is pretty delicate. The asprin mask is pretty harsh. I have seen talk of oil cleaning method for black heads is supposed to work. First put on warm wash cloth on skin for a minute to soften. Then use washcloth/or baby hair brush to gently scrub with a light oil like olive oil, grapeseed oil (from the kitchen) It is supposed to help dissolve and loosen the blackheads. It may have to do several times to get rid of all.

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