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I had cystic acne for 10 years. During that time, (seeing a dermatologist), I was on oral antibiotics, Accutane, glycolic peels, Retin A, ect. None of this worked. My gynecologist, (that I procrastinated seeing for 4 years), discovered a 5cm cyst in my ovary. He started me on supression thearpy. I started on Loestrin birth control pill, (though my tubes were tied), 1 pill every day only stopping once every 6 months for a week, (sometimes have a period, sometimes not), then after 1 week start taking them again. I only stop taking the pills 2 weeks in a year. The 5cm cyst completely dissappeared in 4 months. I eventually switched to Yasmine because of nasuea but it still had the same effect on my acne. It completely cleared up. It took about a year, but the acne is gone. I use Eucerin face wash, Eucerin protective moisture sunscreen spf 25 everyday before putting on any makeup, Estee Lauder double wear foundation and double matte powder and thier line of blushes, ect. I use no other moisturizers because my oily skin does not need it. I wash my face every morning and night. I started Smoothbeam laser treatments for my scarring in May, and will have my 5th treatment at the end of August. The scars have smoothed alot. Some 50% improvment, some 20-30%, but all have improved. I plan on continuing treatments until I get best result possible. My 15 year old son started breaking out pretty bad, but thank God none of the pimples were cystic. My dermatologist started him on Benzamycin Pak, (erythromycin, benzoyl peroxide gel), and within two weeks he went from having approximately 30 pimples to approximately 4. I was impressed. He dabs Tazorac on the bad ones. This has helped him tremendously. If he were to start cystic acne I will start him on Smoothbeam. I hope sharing my story helps someone, I know how hard it is to go through. Hang in there, I will keep posting results of Smoothbeam.

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