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Well, despite everythign that Iíve said in my previous postsÖ., Iíve given up on Paulaís choice and most other anti-acne product. ((by the way I am very fair skinned and get very oily. I already take ortho tri cyclen for b/c ))

I was using Neutrogena Pore refining cleanser AM and PM, followed by Paulaís Choice BHA liquid 2%; then 2.5% Benzoyl Peroxide, then extra strengh BP on my spots.

Well, that wasnít keeping my breakouts away. I already eat pretty healthily and even supplement my diet with fresh juice and flax oil every day. So, I started looking for other options to use on my face. I know that I just made my face worse. I started just getting desperate and stupid and over applying and using everything like all at once.

I tried replacing the cleanser in the PM with the Loreal PURE cloths that were medicated with salicylic acid. Didnít help.

I tried putting on epsom salt on my bad areas. Didnít help.

I tried my old prescription cream Azelex again. Really didnít help. It didnít hurt my face before, but this time I think that I had used so many drying things on my face that I was a huge dry red mess all day long.

Well, a few days ago, I just decided to let it all go. I was using my half way version of this ďacne cureĒ for long enough that I should have at least started seeing some long term results; and I wasnít. I tried to keep telling myself to just give it more time; but my face was getting worse.

So, now I am only washing my face with a new Dove gentle cleanser for sensitive skin. It says that itís non-comedegenic and wonít clog pores, so I just have my fingers crossed that it at least wonít cause me any problems. Then I put on the Olay Regenerist serum.

I actually went out and bought the Olay complete moisturizer for oily skin and was going to start using itÖ., but I think I am going to wait a while. Just stick with the Regenerist serum.

Then I am putting tazorac (since the BP didnít help out any) ONLY on my actual pimples that I have. When Iíve used this before, I used it on my entire face, now weíll see the reaction to using it only on the pimple itselfÖ.

Anyway, last week I went to a natural health chiropractor ( I posted about this). He told me that my adrenal gland was weak and to avoid wheat. He gave me Adrenogen pills to take Ö.; hereís some info on them:

((((Adrenogen provides nutritional support for adrenal function by combining high quality nutrients that are involved in hormone regulation. The body's adrenal glands produce stress hormones, steroid hormones, and blood pressure-regulating hormones.
Raw Adrenal Concentrate (BovineÜ) 80 mg
Pantothenic Acid (as D-calcium pantothenate) 50 mg
Vitamin B6 (as pyridoxine hydrochloride) 25 mg
para-Aminobenzoic acid (PABA) 25 mg
Riboflavin 10 mg

The maker of this vitamin is Metagenics. Looks like you can only get it from a participating health practitioner Ė canít buy it OTC.

Anyway, so I just wanted to post today to give this information and also so that I could follow my own progress and see where I am in a week or so.
Iíve been taking the pills and avoiding bread and wheat products since about the beginning of this month. I was doing pretty good and started to see some improvement in my face (no new spots for a couple days) until Monday came. I had a hangover Sunday and ended up getting junk food from McDonalds. Well, as of right now (three days later) I have like 8 very large hurtful pimples mainly around my chin (like canít cover these things up with makeup AT ALL). I would say that 4 or 5 of them definitely came about within a day or two of eating the junk food.

Itís just so weird. I mean, Iím not saying that WHOA; I ate a chicken nugget and it completely broke out my face because it was fried in wheatÖ..; but there has to be a connection. And before anyone may think the whole ďthereís no diet/acne connection" Ė I just want to say that is completely bogus. Not only have I read the reasoning behind it; but Iíve also tested it on myself. I fasted for a week and cleared up COMPLETELYÖ, then started eating again and broke out terribly. So, Iím proof. It just looks like maybe Iíve found out that my connection MAY be largely related to wheat products.

The doctor also tested me for sugar and I didnít have a negative response but itís possible that sugar is part of my problem also. I mean, of course, there is sugar in bread and sodas.., and also in the alcoholic drinks that I had Saturday night. I normally drink red wine and Saturday switched up to cosmosÖ., lots of cosmos. So, maybe that played a part also.

Anyway; Iíve just done a lot of reading on the cause of acne and what using all of the harsh products actually do to your skin and figured that if by now; these products werenít doing any good, then they may be part of my on-going problem. Using products that are too harsh or are used to stop the production of oil and get down into the pores can just make your body produce more of the sebum and oil to compensate.

Iíd love to be able to post the areas that I get this info from because I donít do a good job in explaining it. If there is anyone that can do a better job; please do. Iíve spent a lot of time reading posts (new and old) on this board, looking for answers.

Iíve come to the understanding that we are just a bunch of sufferers that donít know what to do, and just look for the next product to buy , or what pill to take or not take, or want to argue about what to eat or not eat. The truth is; for the most part, the people that have cured their acne by doing something besides taking pills are not on here. Weíre not getting much help here. Donít take me wrongÖ., Iíve learned a lot and have gotten much support from the kind people on this board that have replied to my posts. I guess Iím just rambling now, so Iíll stop. If anyone has anything to add; please do. Thanks.

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