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I have these almost skin coloured and really small bumps all over my nose, cheekbone area, forehead and the area between my eyes. I've searched the internet and i've come up with things like whiteheads and milia but i don't think that's the case for me. And it is definately not acne because it doesn't hurt when i squeeze it. When i first got them, i was very red for a day. If I'm under the right light, u can see them terribly well and it's not a pleasant sight! And you can also only see them if you're less than a metre away from me (that's how small it is)
I think the cause of this is either:
Usage of Tea Tree Oil and DHC Pimple Spot. (Although, these spots never appeared before and i've been using these products for 3 years now. I've had severe acne and they had all disappeared but now these bumps!!)
I stopped using OXY10 (10% benzoyl Peroxide) for one night but that was 2 nights before the bumps appeared!
My skin is very dry now and therefore flakey. The bumps are also higher in temperature compared to it's surrounding skin. And now it's starting to itch on my nose. I've had severe acne before but they disappeared half a year ago. These bumps are very embarassing and irritating. ANYONE KNOW WHAT IT IS?? HELP PLEASE!
I have the same problem started this summer and they wont go awayy! I have no clue what to do!!!
i found a solution! but your case might not be the same as mine..
i surfed the net for 3 whole hours and came up with the perfect solution for me and the bumps went away in 2 days!!! :D
the cause (for me, at least) was due to too much exposure to the sun ray.
Just put daily moisturizer in the morning and before you go to sleep, put some more on :) it should go away quickly! hope it helped!

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