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To: Back to my old self.....

Are you male or female? My daughter is on her second round of accutane and we have noticed this time an increase of facial hair, mainly on the sides of her face like sideburns, not a mustache. She has blonde hair and the facial hair is blonde. Her dermatologist and I have been trying to figure what is causing this. She had a bunch of blood tests done on her hormonal glands and they so far all have been normal. If you could describe your experience about the facial hair it might be helpful. She has another appointment this FRiday Oct. 3.

About accutane, it is not a cure all or miracle worker but it does seem to help although not as much as we had hoped. She has a severe case of acne though inherited from her father who also had a bad case and he has alot of scarring. We tried everything else first and nothing really worked very well.

To the girl who is going to the doctor oct. 3, most doctors are probably willing to try you on accutane if you are healthy with no health problems and depending on your insurance. It costs about $300 per month plus monthly bloodwork which is at least $65.00 per month.

She has also done 10 mg of prednisone every other day for 1 month and that really helped. Easy to gain wait though. Prednisone is an anti-inflammatory and works fast and VERY WELL. You see a bigger improvement with the prednisone than with the accutane, only thing is you can't be on it very long.

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