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Well I have actually been on Roaccutane twice before. Both times I didn't finish my course believing that my skin was "clear enough" so I didn't go back to the derm. Within time, the acne started coming back. I never really tried anything else because I found the few topicals I did try didn't work and I felt that I needed to do something from the inside. When I went to the derm this time I probably had about 10 or so pimples. I must say though, that the derm I'm using this time does seem to rush me out the door which gives me the feeling that he just wants to "get em' in and ship em' out" as fast as possible. He doesn't seem to want to spend a lot of time talking about my issues, he only really does if I question him. Come of think of it he's never got me to do a blood test apart from just before I started my treatment and I thought part of being on Roaccutane was that you had to have regular ones.

Anyway, just go and see your derm and tell him that nothing else has worked and I'm sure he'll put you on Roaccutane. If he doesn't think you're that bad, he might just put you on a low dose which is what my derm did and then later he increased it.

Good luck and if you want to know anything else, just let me know.


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