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[QUOTE=Risha Oconner;4100481]So I started getting acne when I was about 12, and it was pretty much all normal during my teenage years - not great, not horrible. Problem: it didn't go away. Instead, I've developed a problem with skin that is both constantly dry and itchy, and yet breaking out at the same time.

Since moving to a new country (new food, new climate, but not hugely different in either case) four months ago, the problem has gotten even worse. I've got little red dots all over my back and down onto my butt (which has never happened before). Many of them don't really have anything in them - barely big enough to qualify as acne - but they don't heal, either, they just sit there looking horrible. At first I assumed it was just stress due to the move, but I think I'm adjusted now, and still the problem continues. In fact, it's gotten worse in the past week, due to the cold weather.

I can't use any kind of normal cleanser on my skin - even mild ones or hot water (>38 Celsius) dry it out and make the problem worse. I'm also quite limited right now in what I can try, due both to finances and available resources. Thinking of trying some sort of natural remedy (anything based on food-type products would be easy to obtain), but not sure what has worked for people. Does anyone have any suggestions? Any help would be appreciated.[/QUOTE]

Have you tried any sort of food supplement? There are various food supplements to help with problem skin & promote healthy skin from the inside. A particular food supplement which is supposed to help with acne is spirulina, (an algae), which is a superfood. If you google spirulina you'll find loads of stuff about it's benefits. Comes in tablet and powder form. The taste is pretty horrible, so I take my supplement in tablet form, as quick as I can!

I, like yourself, have had acne-prone skin from a teenager, (now in my thirties), sometimes it's okay, sometimes I'll have a breakout. I still get the odd spot, but I really do think my skin has improved with a regular dose of spirulina. It's a detox thing, so start of with a low does and work up to the daily dose specified on the product. In the first two weeks it might get worse before it gets better while it's getting the bad stuff out your skin. So still with it.

I also have incorporated a skin cream containing spirulina extract into my daily skincare routine, which is oil free but also contains a humectant, (attracts moisture), so it doesn't dry out my skin either.

I hope your skin gets better soon!

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