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I feel your pain (literally). Here are some suggestions although I'm certainly not a doctor.

For the monthly woman's problems: B vitamins (especially B12) cut my cramps and moodiness by 80%. But take it all month long. Also, Ortho-tricyclene eliminated all of my monthly problems, cramps, moodiness, bleeding heavily. I loved it for that reason. It lessened my acne by about 50%, which just wasn't enough when it got really bad. I take Diane-35 now and have 2 or 3 zits on my face and my back is 100% clear (it was horrible before). So that is obviously not working for you.

Along with Ortho3, maybe topical antibiotic gels would work for you. They wear off after a while but there are two, Erycette (sp?) and Clindomiacin, and they should get you through 4 years or so. My doctor put me on that along with a tetrinoin like Differin but you may be too sensitive. Also, Accutane is horrible but you sound like a candidate for it.

As far as the dermatologist is concerned, DUMP HER/HIM. That really bugs me when doctors won't listen to me. One thing that helps though is scheduling extra time into your appointment if you have insurance. One doctor told me to do this with her because I always have 10 zillion questions. It really smoothed things over.

I hope I have helped a little and I would appreciate input from SweetJade1 if you have any.

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