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you can be a dietician in 4yrs, but most will take more(definately an internship after your 4yr), a nutritionist in the true sense will have their PhD.(8 yrs minimal usually) so really the nutritionist would be an MD, where as the dietician is more like "RN" the school sense.
My degree is BS in exercise science which is pre-physical therapy, with minor in nutrition(food science)
I fell into this area because I was anorexic for years and also an all star athlete, so it wasn't a very good combo. I learned to eat again, and loved exercise, so decided to help others with eating disorders, and rehabilitating with injuries from sports. That led me to my school studies. Since school I have continued to research and study many things and now I train and coach people into a good eating plan and exercise.
the acne thing only came about after I went off bcp and had a horrible time with my skin and hair etc. so I hauled myself down to my favorite University hospital and started studying up on the latest in food/physiology research and the rest was just experimenting on myself.
It is just my hobby to research the latest because it interests me. I also am in my mid 30's so I have become in huge demand to help my friends stay in shape I also take time and research on their ailments and issues.
I am into eastern philosophies and so also mix in natural "inner" soul type thinking to help others attain their goals and where they want to be...not only physically but spiritually...making it easier to reach things with "positive" and "benevolant" thinking processes.

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