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Im looking for a good birth control to go on because...well,Im going to need it for birth control and I'd also like to improve my "little" acne situation.


Started getting oily t-zone in grad 4 (ten years old) and then starting getting pimples mainly on my chin in grade 6 and 7 (11 and 12 years old)Grade 8 and 9 werent so bad, I did have whiteheads but it really wasnt anything to write home about.Then in grade ten/eleven/twelve it started to get worse,I dont have terrible acne,I do have red marks but I dont have any deep pitted "ice pick" scars.Right now I have about 4 active pimples,my skins been getting better lately thanks to regenerist and daily exfoliation with backing soda and face wash....

Anyways..Considering my acne situation, would the BCP be a good idea for me? I really dont want to get bad acne from it,I have enough already..What have your experiences with BCP been (ortho try cyclen and yasmin?) Feel free to add other though.

...Also,did you gain any weight? What were the side effects? I dont wanna lose my sex drive cuz then what would be the point of BCP right?

Thanks in advance for your responses..

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