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BlueGreen --- you mean that’s not why tweezers were invented ??!!! hehehe.

I don’t know how many of my posts you might have read; but for the past couple of months I’ve been avoiding dairy and refined sugar – thinking that must be my problem. I LOVE dairy products; but I’ve gone without them…Anyway; that apparently wasn’t a factor because my breakouts were at their worst! I was at my wits end. I didn’t know what to do….otherwise; my diet was good also. I eat pretty well, hardly any “junk” food, and take supplements and oils. I was so depressed and didn’t know what to do next…, just figuring that I’d be looking like this for the next 50 years of my life.

Not eating wheat isn’t really that hard for me. I don’t know how old you are, or how much in control of your own cooking/eating you are in…., but for me, brown rice has been a staple --- When I make it; I make a big pot and keep a bowl in the fridge. I eat canned soup a lot for lunch and add some rice to make it a larger/more satisfying meal. The other day, I stopped for take out chil for dinner and just added the rice to give it more substance. Last nite we cooked a big bag of frozen shrimp in some creole seasoning and just has rice on the side – went real well. Not trying to get into what I eat every day…, just saying that rice has helped out with the whole “not eating pasta/bread” deal for me.

I eat a lot of cashews and have an apple just about every day (sometimes (well, a lot of times) with a blob of natural peanut butter). This is actually a pretty good diet…kinda like a low carb because I’m not having any bread…, but better because I can have brown rice/potatoes/nuts/fruits, etc. My weight has stayed the same, and I think improved some also. I just gotta figure out how to add more raw veggies in; cause I don’t love them that much.

My boyfriend still eats his toast/waffles/crackers, but I’ve been in such a good mood lately because I’m clearing, that it doesn’t bother me. (well, when he makes the grilled cheese sandwiches – that hurts!!!)))
If not eating wheat = not having 10 devestating monsters on my face – I’m for it.

Now, I did change my birth control to Yasmin this past Friday. I almost wish that I hadn’t, just so that I could 100% check out this not eating wheat deal, and see if it was my answer…., but I think that I needed to change b/c anyway. My sex drive with the ortho tri cyclen was non existant, and I was an oil slick. I’ve heard that Yasmin may help those two things also.

I would say for someone to completely take wheat out of their diet for 2 weeks and they should see a result if that is part of their problem. Two weeks should tell ya. And really, it’s not that hard :)

Oh, Jag – not that I follow my own advice; but I would say just put on Neosporin. Maybe, tonite, try to put on a big blob of it with a bandaid on top when you’re sleepin.

The one that I was messin with is smaller; but not by much; I just wish those old ones around it would go away…, I am beginning to think they are petrified.

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