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Re: B5+hairloss
Jan 14, 2004
[QUOTE=Hewk]1.On how much B5 did you started and since when?
2.And how much are you using now?
3.Since when did you have libido (erection) problems?
4.How effective does B5 work at your body?
5.Which B5 brand are you taking?

2 weeks is maybe a bit to early to determine that biotin and the B-complex does not work for your hairs.

To test your libido, you could stop B5 for maybe a few days. (meanwhile continue-ing with biotin and B50-complex)

Diffuse thinning on the sides is clearly not Mall Pattern Baldness. So probably not DHT related. But libido problems might be DHT related.
One says that B5 might increase DHT, but I haven't seen evidence about that.

You could also try some extra zinc. A 10gr of B5 contains about 100% or 200% RDA Calcium. A lot of calcium might decrease Zinc intake. Zinc deficiency might cause hair problems and also sexual problems.
I would say take something like 30 to 50mg elemental zinc per day. If possible, take OptiZinc, which contains extra copper.

In my opinion, a fully B5 regimen would contain:
-B50 or B100 -complex

I'm taking all of above.

So if I was you, I would do the following:
-buy a OptiZinc and take between 30 and 50mg per day
-go to the lowest B5 dose which is still effective in your body
-buy a multivitamin (with minerals) with a good dosage.
-quite B5 for a few days to test the libido
-try to monitor your hair changes with a digital cam or someone who checks it reguraly

If you continue having the problems, I would quite with B5. Long-term vitamin deficiency can be dangerous![/QUOTE]

Hewk, I thank your continued support at this hard and complicated time.......

[B]1.On how much B5 did you started and since when?[/B]

I was at about 4-5 grams for about 7 months and than eased off to about 2-3 grams. Then my acne came back and I upped my dosage to about 4-5 grams again but it didn't seem to help at all. I decided to stop as B5 stopped helping my acne condition.

[B]2.And how much are you using now?[/B]

I stopped using B5 for almost 8 months already, however what I noticed is that my hair condition and the ED got worse when I stopped using B5. I think i was shedding less hair while i was on B5.

[B]3.Since when did you have libido (erection) problems?[/B]

I have libido problems for a very long time, I would say for up to 6 months. My problem has been maintaining my erection, it seems to last a couple of seconds :(

[B]4.How effective does B5 work at your body?[/B]

It used to work in cycles, it was excellent at first, than acne came back, went away again, and came back, at that point it was at it's worst. So I discontinued using it.

[B]5.Which B5 brand are you taking?[/B]

I took Natural Factors, a Canadian brand.

I heard that having white spots on your nails is a sign of Zinc deficiency, am I right?

If so 3 of my fingers have "white spots" on them, whatever that means.

I am going to try and get OptiZinc and take it at the dosage that you've suggest. I am very desperate, and I am willing to try many alternatives to get my health where it belongs.

BTW, how's your hair loss has been progressing? is it any beter?

Thanks a lot Hewk :wave:

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