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Hey, sorry to hear that you're having problems getting Accutane for your son. I'm not a doctor but I can tell you that I have a history of mental illness in my family as well and I took Accutane back before it was so ridiculously regulated and it worked wonders for me. My acne is back and now I'm having to jump through hoops in order to get it, with no luck so far.

I don't have anything to back this up but in my opinion this garbage about Accutane and depression is junk science. In acne we're dealing with an ailment that is likely to cause lack of self confidence in anyone who has it, let alone teens who are prone to it anyway and THAT is where these problems stem from, not the medication. It's worth noting that a congressman's nephew or son or something like that got on Accutane some years ago and eventually killed himself, and regulation for the mental health stuff started shortly after that.

If your son has never been to see a psychiatrist before and your dermatologist is making him go to see one before getting on Accutane that is, in a word, ridiculous.

In my opinion you should find yourself a new dermatologist. Monthly visits, blood tests and limited amounts of the drug are to be expected but to force someone with no prior history of mental illness other than hereditary disposition to go to therapy to get on Accutane is something I've never heard of and I've been to see 4 different dermatologists during my 9 year struggle with acne.

Just my two cents. Perhaps don't abandon your dermatologist altogether but at least get a second opinion. Best of luck to you and your son.[/QUOTE]

Hi, I just was reading your post and I find it very interesting..we are still in a quandry. I did make an appt.and we went to a "assessment" at a mental health clinic. The girl on the phone told me after we did this they were about 5 weeks out on appts. Well I called t his a.m. and it is more like 10! My son will be devastated that he has to wait so long.

I am also so fed up with it all. I am going on my insurance site now and look for another dermatologist and maybe make an appt. to see if they will prescribe it. This history is soooooo far in that it will not impact my son.. im sure. My other son who is 27 had no problems with the accutane and depression.. just chapped lips!!

I also am going to do what the other poster said and quit milk for a while. My son loves it and drinks it all the time! My other son who also had the acne was the same way and was a big drinker of milk as well. It cant hurt to try... thanks everybody,,,


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