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I have been taking minocycline for about a month now, one 100mg capsule per day. I still have acne, but I haven't been having as many breakouts as before. I have cystic acne and I'm really hoping this stuff will work. I am also applying both benzaclin and differin on my face once a day each, though i have only been doing that for a week ( I was hesitant before because of how much it dried out my face, but I'm sick of acne so i'm using it now). I am wondering if my cystic acne will be much clearer by next derm appointment on februaury 2nd.

If it matters, I have so far had no side effects of the minocycline which i am very happy and pleasantly surprised about, because i guess many people get an upset stomach or headaches. The two topical meds, like I said, dried out my face for the first few days, but it isn't as much now. So can you tell me if my face will be any better by February? Thank you so much for any advice or input!
Don't expect much results in such a short period of time. Use Differin at bed time only, not during the day. (The gel makes skin sensitive to sun/day light). If I remember right, Benziclin has bezoyl peroxide in it, which does irritate your skin (normal reaction). Use Benzaclin during the day and differin at night. If you use them at the same time, your skin will get more irritated.
Another tip, you should expect to see more acne develop while using Differin (it's a good thing) because it brings everything to the surface. To see results, you must be on the cream for 3 months at least. (I had to switch from Differin to Tazorac.)

To help with skin irritation/redness, use lots of quality face moisturizer that is non comedogenic.

From my experience and reading a lot, I would avoid all antibiotics (pills and topical). They are a short term fix and your acne builds immunity to it over time. I was on doxyciline, minocyline, and others which all gave me side effects and stopped working. Ask your dermatologist if Klaron/sulfacedemite would be a better option to replace antibiotics.

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