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Hello guys, I am 18 years and 11 months, male, chinese. 165 cm tall, 60 KG. I live in Singapore (South-east Asia, right beside Malaysia and NOT in China)

I am really clueless here cause I am a guy and no one teaches me these kinda stuff, so I would really appreciate any help I can get from you all!
Some Details:
I use to have extremely rough skin few years back, feeling my face is just like feeling gravel. But my skins is pretty clear then, probably whatever crap is still hiding deep under.

After using moisturizers, drink lots, eat fruits etc, My skin is relatively smooth and supple and bouncy! :D BUT! I have extremely thick skin! squeezing it would bring up about like 1.5 inches of pretty tough flesh. (is it more muscle or what?)

Questions first please:
Are the white heads on top of pores called pus? And why do I have unlimited supply of them? I can keep extracting these white stuff from my whole face, especially the nose, under the eyes, fore-head, 360 degrees around the mouth and chin.

Are the white stuff mentioned above related to acne? or are they fats? or pimple? I have no idea! and for the past 1 year my skin has started scarring/reddishness on my forehead and cheeks probably due to my squeezes. and it just keeps coming back. is that the bacteria thing people ?

Just recently, like weeks ago, these white crap started coming out from the roots of my eyebrow and they get really itchy and i gave it a light scratch and my brows started falling off! It justs keeps happenning and MY BEAUTIFUL BROWS are losing its edge and shape! especially from the HELP ME please somebody! This is the main reason why I came here.

Are Over the counter products good enough? Are facial companies products recommended? or should I just go to the doctor?

Does facials contribute any help to my condition at all? Ever since I tried it out few years ago, I noticed that I am relatively more prone to outbreaks. and all these scarring.

#6 Exactly how does one wash one's face?
Am I doing right?
I squeeze some product from the tube, rub it around my palms and apply it.
Then Should I let it set in for how long before I rinse it away? Or do I just rinse it immediately after applying it on my face?

On every pore on my skin, I can squeeze or scrape out pus. especially around the nose, forehead, and under the eyes.

The thing is these places doesnt really get all red n scarred whereas if I squeeze or scrape out other places like the cheeks, forehead, outside the triangular area (T spot to under eyes to nose area) it will get scarred and get reddish and sometimes even small craters.

-the swollen reddish pimple with white-head.
-the no swell, no reddishness white-head that seeps out inside the triangular area.

Are the white stuff the same?

Theres a lump of white stuff that recently got buried in between my brows cause i use to squeeze it out from that spot, now the skin regenerated over it so much i cant squeeze it out and the white stuff kinda trying to get out from there, So i kinda push it and it sorta spreaded around that area under neath, so it is possible that those are coming out from my brows and are the main cause to me losing my brows? sorry if i do not make any sense at all cause I am just guessing.
sorry if my post isnt really organised, I just woke up :)

PS: IS cooking, deep-frying/barbecue a contributing factor to my condition?

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