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Re: Accutane?
Dec 7, 2009
[QUOTE=Sillygrl;4136954]Hello, does Accutane help the appearance of acne scarring? How beneficial has it been to those who have used it? What are some negative side effects? I am curious about it and would like some input, thanks![/QUOTE]

Hey there.

It worked wonders for me when I did a 6 month course of it in high school. I went to the dermatologist because I had severe cystic acne and it was to the point that I wasn't only worried about it not going away but the cysts leading to scarring. The 6 month course cleared me up almost completely. At the end of it my dermatologist told me that my acne would likely resurface again in my mid 20's and it would take one more course of it to get rid of it completely. I'm 23 and it has resurfaced but its not near on the level that it was when I was in high school, nothing that would cause scars. Still, it sucks. I'm in the process of trying to get back on the drug, you wouldn't believe how hard it is nowadays.

Side effects:
-extremely dry skin
-extremely chapped lips
-dry skin on the inside of the sinuses, often leading to bloody noses
-really thirsty sometimes
-minor joint pain

Keep some moisturizing lotion on hand for the dry skin and chap stick and aquafor or vaseline for the inside of your nose will be essential. I just drank a lot of water because of the thirstiness. As far as the joint pain goes it was nothing too serious, just some times when I ran in gym class my knees would get a little sore.

If you suffer from bad acne like I do then I can't recommend it highly enough. My advice would be to see a dermatologist and get their opinion, because of the side effects (some people claim that it causes suicidal tendencies which I think is complete BS but nevertheless people on accutane have committed suicide) most dermatologists will try a few other options before starting you on accutane, unless it's really bad, but ask them about it anyway.

Best of luck.

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