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Hi Jee08

The best birth control pills for acne from trial & error & personal research would be dianne35, yasmin & maybe valette.
I say maybe because i just started this pill yesterday so dont know how i will go on it.
Ive pretty much tried every pill i can think of & the worst for me was YAZ. That gave me cystic back acne which required chemical peels & plenty of sun to fix. Its still not the same & i am still unable to wear singlets.
My sister is on Dianne & its a miracle for her. No acne, no hairloss no hirsuism. My other sister tried Yaz same time i did, it worked not bad on her but made my life a living hell with feeling of nausea & extreme breakouts (more on back than face & chest)...
I wanted to go on Spironolactone but my GP wouldnt prescribe this to me & referred me to a Gyneo who said i should try Valette first & if that doesnt work, Spiro.
Basically if you havent tried Dianne35, try that, then Valette, then Yasmin not Yaz (they are 2 diff pills - same makers).
If you would prefer not to use birth control, id suggest you ask for a script of Spironolactone.
Hope i was of some help. And i hope Valette works for me or at the very worst, simply doesnt work, rather than make me much worse like so many others have done.
Good luck!

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