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Hi Guys. I just wanted to share.

I am about 3 1/2 Months into accutane on 30mg a day.
At the beginning of my course, I had lotsa problems with dryness and peeling skin so the dermatologist told me to buy an effective cleanser and a mousterizer. It seemed that everybody that had been on accutane before recommended me Cetaphil as a cleanser, so i started using it. Indeed, I think it is a good cleanser, for my skin felt so nice afterwards. I tried using the Cetaphil mousterizer, but it didn't work that well. Whenever i put it, there seemed to be new pimples all the time. I tried other mousterizers and they didn't work that well either. I know people were telling me not to put anything else besides cetaphil but I still none the less needed a mousterizer. I finally ran into Olay Regenerist and it works fine for my skin. In fact, Regenerist would really heal previous pimples. Right now, I only have one bump but my face has nearly no pimples anymore and my face is nice and mousterized. It seems my accutane/cetaphil/regenerist combination is working great and is not irritating my skin at all, but I still have lotsa blemishes from previous pimples. If I put makeup, I would look completely clear since my face is no longer bumpy. Right now, I'm just at a good situation in which my face is 'stable' and 'controlled' and i'm eager to get rid of my previous marks. I feel that i should wait until my course of accutane is done, which ends in 3 more months before I apply anything for the months. When I think of acne, I think of it as putting the right pieces to solve the skin puzzle. I guess accutane/cetaphil/regenerist are part of that puzzle, but they aren't enough. For my marks, I just got mederma but I told myself i would only SPOT TEST on a blemish since i know that my skin is sensative.
In a sense, I feel that I am not so far from finally getting clear. I guess I just need find more pieces to the puzzle in a cautious way. In my case, i need to find the right piece that removes marks.

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