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Regardless of what you are told, please remember all forms of "light" does have "radiation", even the incadenct light bulbs in your home.

Back in the 1950's "x-ray" treatment was the norm for acne. Yes, we had a beautiful blemish free face for a few years, but, then 40 years later many had "radiation damage" show up plus "skin cancer" from the x-ray treatments. Oh, the thyroid was usually damaged in the process too.

My dermatologist who is a professor at a medical school has tried to talk me into "photoderm" for treatment of rosacea redness and spider like veins. I am a running coward since I already suffer from radiation damage.

I was advised to choose a laser specialist who "owned" his own equipment because many dermatologists would rent a machine and run several patients thru to make fast money. They were not experienced enough. In fact there were only 3 laser specialist he recommended here in the huge metroplex. That says that most are not very experienced.

Laser treatment can leave white streaks permanently. Once the bloodvessels are destroyed they are gone. Others have been burned and end up with bad scars.

However, I understand laser treatment is only temperorary, later on more blood vessels will surface and it must be done again.

Please gleam as much info regarding laser treatment for acne as you can before deciding to have the treatment. You do not want to end up 40 years later with a greater health problem than what you have now. Had I known then what I know now I would not have had x-ray treatment for acne. We learn a little too late about some things.

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