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I'm 21 years old, and I've had large blackheads all over my nose since I was about 12. I wash my face twice a day and exfoliate regularly, but the blackheads have never gone away. My dermatologist put me on Tazorac cream (0.1% strength) after Retin-A and Differin failed to improve my condition. I've been using the Tazorac for about 20 weeks, and have seen no noticeable improvement at all. All summer my skin was breaking out like crazy, while also peeling constantly. I am still peeling a lot (the breaking out has subsided) but apparently this is having no effect on my blackheads.

My doctor basically told me when he prescribed the Tazorac that if it didn't work, there was nothing he could do for me. Does anyone have any suggestions? Should I wait longer for the Tazorac to start working? Are there any products I can use to supplement the medicine without completely ravaging my skin? I have bad reactions to salicylic acid, but would glycolic acid be helpful? I would really appreciate any kind of advice, I'm kind of at the end of my rope here! Thanks!
hey whats up-im 23 years old and also have blackheads on my nose as well-which is basically it- but it sucks having them - I am also on tazorac and happen to LOVE it-if and when i get a blemish, I just put a bit of it on, and the next day it has really reduced in size-anyway, what I do for my blackheads (which are pretty small to begin with)-i bought this scrubber/face exfoliator from Bath and Body Works. Its basically a face loof-and i use it whenever im in the shower-i scrub my nose, and usually when I use it consistantly after about 2 days, they are generally gone. Would u try somethin like this?
Everyone is different, so different treatments will work for different people. I am finishing my first week of Tazorac and the results have been amazing. I have both blackheads and acne vulgaris. First I was presribed Differin. That brought out more acne (as it is suppose to) but after 6 weeks, there wasn't any noticeable improvement. My face was worse, with acne, reddness and imflamation. So i switched to Tazorac and the reddness and imflammation is so much better. And those annoying blackheads and my ance is slowly fadding and its only been one week!
Regardless, I think if a treatment isn't showing vast improvements within 8 or so weeks, you should consider switching treatments.
Everyone is different and needs different acne treatments. You just got to find the right one! ;)

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