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I just wanted to say that I too in the past have used proactiv and had really really really really bad results from it. At first, it worked so well that I was absolutely amazed. Then, my skin got so irritated that it literally hurt. It felt leathery and I had extreme excess oil production in some parts and in other parts it was so dry that it was red and peeling. I also began getting these small flesh colored bumps on my forehead which I never had before using proactiv. I stopped using it and my situation became 10 times worse. I started using it again out of fear, just not as often but those little bumps kept appearing and in large quantities. I stopped using it completely a few years ago, thank goodness. When I called to cancel my subscription they tried and tried to get me to stay with them and even told me about a solution they have for sensitive skin. I kept telling them no, and to please cancel but they kept pushing it on me, which was really uncomfortable and difficult to say the least. I feel that this product has way too many chemicals in it and is harmful to most people. I've read many horror stories about this product and would never recommend it to anyone. Your best bet is to see a dermatologist and have him/her provide the right solution for YOU and your personal skin type. What is good to one person, might not be good to another person. Many people guess at what their skin type is, and a lot of the time they are incorrect and could be harming their skin even more using the wrong products.

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