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I know that many of you have going to this forum for some time now, where you can get advice. I think I have gotten a lot of emotional comfort taking to people here with the same problem. However, with regards to products, I sometimes don't really know what to choose. There are so many products with so many explanations and it works differently for people, so it gets confusing. Perhaps this forum is like a lottery machine, in which I feel that I am takign lottery ticket which I try a product, and if you get the right number, you win the lottery by getting a clear face. I'm still strugging to find the winning lottery number I guess. I'm actually thinking that this forum probably made the acne worse for some people, cuz they ended up trying products that made their face worse. Has your face actually improved or been aggravated since you started coming here? Perhaps the fact that everybody here experiences the same problem establishes a bitter sense of desperation. we see people that are desperate and overexaggerate the problem so we become desperate too. Perhaps ignorance is better? Perhaps we end up thinking about acne MORE when we know that mentally obsessing about it isn't gonna make it better. Perhaps some of us have been cleared of acne already and just wish to help people =) Perhaps this. Perhaps that. How far has your skin actually progressed since you started coming here?

I came to this site about a month ago, after years of struggling w/ my acne that was not helped long term by prescriptiion products. I was at my wits end, ready to take the accutane plunge, as it seemed my acne was slowly getting worse as i got older (im 24), and nothing else could help.

I think this board has helped me emotionally and for my skin. I came here using Proactiv--thinking it was the best skincare out there for acne but just not good for me cuz it didnt help my acne---i learned that it didnt help MANY people, not just me, and there are better products out there.

I am one of those who hears about a product/method and then does a "search" on this board to see what others have experienced.

since coming to this board, i have tried zinc, various vitamins, green tea (on the face), tea tree oil, paulas choice BHA and BP, Olay regenerist (purchased but yet to try) and Carley's clear and smooth (also purchased but yet to try because im trying another cleanser first--Dermologica clay cleanser--which BTW i loveee) far, of the products ive tried and have been using a couple weeks, the only one i no longer use is tea tree oil--it did shrink my zits (no better than BP though) BUT it made them bright red in the process.

I dont think this board gives bad advice on products--because there is no one "magic" product that will work for everybody, so i think its unfair when people term a product as "Evil" or a "miracle" because that only applies to certain people, not to HAS saved me a lot of money though on methods i was going to try and decided not to after reading numerous bad reviews here--like on those acne cure type pills such as zenmed. i also decided not to invest in spa facials.

my skin is definitely clearer than when i came, however, my skin is so moody and went through its momentary clear moments before, so im waiting a a bit longer before i say for sure if the products/methods i now use are really helping. so far so good though---
-now if i could just find a way to PREVENT my damn chin cysts rather than just treat them!

i will write an update in a month with all the new products i have been using and tell everybody how they worked for me.

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