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Yes, Accutane really takes a terrible toll on your hair especially if you dye it too when taking the Accutane. It will take 2 years to really get good hair again. You are on such a low dose now of Spiro, that i doubt it has too much to do with your dry hair. I suspect that the other doseage has done this. Omega 3, water, salmon, fish and walnuts are good for your diet to hydrate.You will actually have better hair and clear skin in 5 months. Not too much before then. My guess is that you are stil getting over Acctane side effects and the Spiro is drying you too. It's the only way to clear hormonally vunerable skin. Also if you still had somewhat oily skin and scalp while on Accutane, then it didn't do the job too well and I suspect that is why you still have cystic acne. People have taken a combo of Accutane and Spiro to get rid of acne too. I dyed my hair and it remained brittle a long time before starting Spiro a year later.
All you can do is hydrate your body and condition your hair. You just went from one drying med to the next.
Omega 3 was high on the list and just trimming and conditioning the hair. There are so many tips on nutrition when you search Accutane. Investigate them. I do know that time heals the hair and Spiro will help too. Just keep searching. I don't think that there is a miracle cure for the hair except the naturals oils like olive oils, omega3's,vitamins for the hair... like the hair vitamins that they sell. I also know that highlights and bleaching are not good at this time. Good Luck. It gets better
Not really while you are on Accutane
I'm no longer on Accutane though....only Spiro. A SMALL dose of Spiro. So small that I can't tell if it's actually offsetting the acne or not (my breakouts after coming off Accutane and before Aldactone come up, cluster on one part of my face, heal 75% in a week, and then I'd get a new one somewhere else).

Since starting Aldactone about two weeks ago I've noticed that I need to pee more often and my hair is crispier and weaker :(. I'm worried about taking anything new and it's interference with what I'm already taking (a multivitamin, iron, Zoloft, 10 mg of methylphenidate, and the Aldactone).

I've heard Saw Palmetto is good for those experiencing hair loss but I've also read it contributes to unwanted body hair...
100 up to 150 to 200mgs of Spiro is good for cystic acne. 5 months and you will be clear. lots of water and fish oil is good. Going to the bathroom is normal and your hair will become better with Spiro not with Accutane. Accutane really dries the hair. You just have to be patient and visit your doctor. I personally wouldn't mix herbs with this
[FONT="Arial"]my sister has been on both accutane and yasmin I haven't noticed any difference in her hair but then again she hasn't been on it for as long as you were. [/FONT]

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