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how many people r obsessed by their acne and their acne scars?my skins clear but i still have the scars,these r not deep scars but i have a lot of them.the damage has been done.physically and mentally.i have been doing everything by myself since age 15.i have been alone so long im starting to talk to myself.i have been in psyciatric hospitals 5 times for depression.i think i got better because their were woman there.i dont fear dying because i never lived to begin with.i do think like females but i like them too,probably way too much.i actually pretented i was sick too because i didnt want to go out in high school.i just dont care any more.when i went on spiro and prem my doctor said i risk getting a heart attack 3 times greater than if i didnt take it,i just told her i gotta die sometime.i have seen so many ppl here posts and really feel bad for them.i kinda always give the bad side but u know their were a lot of really nice people out there too.i can put up with acne and the scars anywhere else on my body but i cant on my kinda ruined my life but i guess u just cant give up.

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