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Day/Pill #6
40mg Claravis

Definitely have dry/peeling lips today. They don't look bad, but feel sore. I normally use lip balm/gloss anyway, so I'll add some Aquaphor. No face peeling, or dryness. One of my cysts is pretty much gone, and the others are on their way out. No new pimples. Amazing! I've been off Doxy for about 2 weeks, and would normally be very broken out by now.

I noticed while driving, that the sun/warmth coming in my window kind of hurt my skin, almost as if I'd spent the day at the beach, and was feeling an oncoming sunburn. My skin isn't red, and I don't have the 'wind-burned' look the doc said that some people get (yet anyway), but I'm now understanding what other bloggers mean when they say your skin becomes "sensitive". Sensitive to touch, products, and warmth. I drive alot for work so I'm going to buy a couple of baby window shades, to help.

I used (and like) the Kinerase Gentle Cleanser. You don't need much, and it seems to clean well, so thank-you.. The first indication this morning that my skin was becoming sensitive was when I put on my long time moisturizer, which is very mild and sooo moisturizing. My skin stung a little bit which surprised me. Then, my blush brush even hurt a bit, so I knew.

I'm searching for a good sunblock that doesn't smell like a sunscreen, and isn't greasy. (If it has the slightest sunscreen or fragrance smell, I can't tolerate it). Most have broken me out, but I'm seeing how really important it is to protect now.

I can sure see how if this eventually keeps getting better and better, there is no way I'll ever want to go back to the way I was. And why I didn't do it twenty years ago. I think if my acne comes back again, I'd see if I could try a low maintenance dose to keep it under control long term.
Day/Pill #7
Claravis 40mg/once a day

Wow, is this a powerful drug.. Scary if I think about it for too long..
I think I may be one of those people who will get that wind-burned, flushed look. The last two mornings in the shower, my hands have turned beet RED. The hot water triggers it to come on. I also found that the body brush I normally use, hurts like heck. It feels like scrubbing a sunburn, only I'm not red. For about two hours afterward, my face looked flushed. :-(.

Coincidently, I noticed my face began to feel dry after I started using the new cleanser, (even tho it feels good while I'm washing). It felt even drier and warmer today. I'm sure it's the drug kicking in, but I'm going back to Cetaphil for a day or two, to see if I can calm it down. Still have no face peeling, but it feels like it could any day. No lip peeling either.

I have a couple of spots on my face that feel like a pimple (or cyst) may be on it's way, but I don't see anything as of yet, so no new acne today.

I found Aquaphor lip balm in tiny purse size tubes which will come in handy.

My body seems okay moisture-wise right now.

So, I'm finding that the name of this game is to keep my face calm and moisturized. I'm so used to thinking "will this product break me out" or "keep me from breaking out". I need to re-program my brain.

I've been fighting a cold/sinus inf for about 2 weeks. It hasn't gotten better, so I had to start some antibiotics (Bactrim) today, which sort of bummed me out. The Accutane literature says it's not smart to mix the two, but I need to kick this thing. I asked the doc, the pharmacist, (and of course, Google), and unless I'm a rare case, I think with alot of water, I'll be okay.

Omega 3's
Evening Primrose Oil

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