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Day/Pill #8
Claravis 40mg/once a day

Today I wasn't real dry. Lips aren't AS dry as they have been, but they do definitely feel drier than they look. After 1 full week of Accutane, I feel very fortunate. I haven't felt/seen anything that would make me question doing this (so far). My sinuses have been a much bigger pain to deal with the past 2weeks.

One thing that does continue, is my flushed face, especially after a shower. The best way I can describe how it looks is if you've ever had a micro-dermabrasion, immediately afterward, your face is "prickly" red. Flushed. I use a great face powder that doesn't dry me out or get into my lines. It's good at even-ing out my skin. (Loreal True Match powder). I've used it for years (with a brush, not puff) even when living in a high-altitude dry climate, it smoothed me out. Anyway, it (currently) covers my flush, so it's really not too bad. No face dryness today, but when I touch my face it feels "rough" if that makes sense. My hands weren't as red today in the shower either.

From what I've read, my initial break out could be in a week or two, or after that, so I'm enjoying (fairly) clear skin, with only slightly raised chin cysts and a couple of remnant red marks, from older ones. But NO more pain in them, which is so awesome.

My overall skin isn't as sensitive today either. I still have a couple of slightly sore areas on my jaw that may be brewing a couple of pimples. Overall I'm adjusting to the changes, learning as I go, and very pleased. Last night I washed with Cetaphyl, put a heavy coat of my usual moisturizer, (didn't sting) topped with a little Aquaphor. Skin felt alot better today. My daily scrub has been put away for awhile, but I must admit it's very gentle and non-drying. (Neutrogena Deep Clean Gentle Scrub). I have never used such "few" products in my adult life. When you take out the acne problem, skin care is very simple and fast. WHO KNEW!!!

Lastly, I talked with my GP about my 2-day Spiro experience (that the derm let me try), and how I was in full body sweats both nights. She said it messes with your hormones, and for me, probably made my estrogen go up, giving me menopause-like symptoms.

Current products:
Cetaphyl Gentle cleanser
Wei East eye cream
Reviva DMAE/Ester-C/ALA night cream (I've always used this day and night)

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