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Day/Pill #5
40mg Claravis

(I apologize in advance for the length of today's post).
I may be feeling dry lips coming on. I'm not sure if it's because I've had a cold for about 10 days, and a couple of times I've taken Dayquil, or I'm beginning to feel the initial stuff. I'm sure I'll know soon. Also, I woke up with a small (but painful) whitehead on my jawline. In my typical acne fashion, it filled up 3 times today before I think it's finally on the way out. Usually my whiteheads fill up repeatedly for 3 days before beginning to subside, but this one was much more superficial than usual. Cysts are yet flatter today. No new ones thankfully. Also, I may be imagining things, but on my nose, I have teeny tiny areas where I can't see any pores. I have alot of them, and get blackheads, but there are a couple of small 'unpored' areas today. Being 51 yrs old, I have one of those little 10x mirrors (which is a love-hate item) that I use to put on eye make-up. I'm inspecting with it now too.

When I tried Flush-free niacin a couple of months ago, I had an initial break out along my jawline with several pimples, similar to what I found this morning. It came/went quickly, and was pretty easily dealt with, but they sure hurt for being so small. I normally develop much deeper whiteheads. Unfortunately niacin just didn't work very long for me (as I mentioned yesterday) but seems it may have a few similar initial effects.

Lisa- Thank you for the recommendation on Kinerase cleanser. It was $33.00 at Ulta and I did pick some up today. I heard rave reviews from the employees. Apparently it's formulated for people who've had procedures on their faces, and it really helps in healing/calming.
My derm had recommended Obagi foaming cleanser, but she didn't sell it, and it can only be purchased it at a derm's office. So that could be a good option too.

This week, as I've been picking things up I may need as I go along, I'm amazed at when I mention why I'm purchasing it, how MANY women have been on accutane. Almost everyone I've come across, either has used it, or has a child who did. Why do so many people have acne?! Fortunately, everyone so far has said "you will love the results". I'd researched it online for about a month before I went to the derm, and read all the horror stories. I was/am concerned for sure. Just the packaging alone, and the forms you have to sign is enough to make you think that ANYONE who would agreed to try this drug would be out of their minds! BUT, I'm finding that altho' it can be extremely dangerous to some, there are MANY who have found it to have changed their lives. I'm hopeful that I'll be one. I was told today to stay right on top of any side effects, and tell my doc about anything bad that comes up between appts, and they can immediately lower/discontinue if necessary.

Kilgore52, -good to know that at my dosage, I may be able to escape some of the more serious side effects. I'm normally very sensitive to even otc meds, I won't be surprised at a few, or many of the less serious ones, but right now, today, with all the years of heartache over trying to cover it, hide from people, be embarrassed at work, explain it away, etc... I would love to have even 6 mos of clear skin. Not getting up and running to the mirror to see what I have to deal with today, or accidently brushing my chin with my arm and feeling a new painful lump coming up (when I thought I was in a clear phase)...Would be awesome. I turned 51 last month. I should be dealing with aging skin and wrinkles, and how to keep as well hydrated and moisturized as possible, like many of my friends. NOT how to dry, conceal, search for the latest and greatest new acne cure out there!

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