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Hey guys, just wanted to give an update. . .I went in for my 2nd treatment today. It actually wasn't quite as painful as last time, for whatever reason, last time it hurt pretty bad, this time I hardly felt it. Probably because last time the Dr. made approximately 35-40 injections, this time there were only 25-30 made. The improvement I saw after the first treatment was probably 10-15 percent, but if I see that much improvement after each visit, I will be very pleased. My face is very pink and I have a bunch of tiny bumps all over my face, so I will give an update in a couple of days, once the swelling and redness fades, just to let everyone considering getting this procedure done know how much improvement, if any, I see after the second treatment.

Also, the red marks that are left on my face after the procedure took about 4-5 days to fade away completely for me. My skin seemed to be getting a little smoother each day after the red marks were gone, which was very encouraging. Even though this is just my second procedure, anyone who is in the Los Angeles area and is considering this treatment, I recommend that you go ahead and get it done. It is relatively inexpensive (35 dollars for the office visit and 54 for each syringe that is used, I think most people only need 1 or 2 syringes), seems to be much more effective on individual scars than microdermabrasion, there is no down time at all, as the redness and swelling fade away in a couple of hours, and the red marks that are left on the face for a couple of days are small and hardly noticeable, and it really isn't as painful as it sounds when you use the numbing cream.

Hey guys, just to give an update, the red marks that took 4-5 days to heal last time were completely gone this time in about 2 days. I was very pleasantly surprised. For about the first 15 hours or so after the procedure, my skin was perfectly smooth, and for a while I actually thought that my scarring was miraculously going to be cured after just 2 visits. Unfortunately, it just took a while longer for the swelling to go down, and once it did, the scars came back, although they were much less noticeable. Honestly, I would say at this point that the worst scars have probably been raised by about 25 percent. The rest of my scarring, which was very mild and could only be seen from a certain angle under the right light, is virtually undetectable now. I am extremely pleased with the results thus far. At this rate, it would be about 75 percent better after my 6 visits, which is about what you can expect from microdermabrasion, and this only costs 90 per session, and you don't have any of the down time, and only very mild discomfort. I am glad to hear that so many people are interested in the procedure. I think this can really improve people's lives. Hopefully this will be available nation-wide in the near future.

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