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so i just got back (had treatment 3-4 hours ago) and since i got the treatment they gave us the consultation for free so that saves $130

today i had a v-beam, sb, and a clearlight treatment
i got a package for v-beam and smoothbeam $2500 for 6 treatments (if i didn't get teh package it woulda been $600 a treatment so with package i pretty much get 2 treatments for free)

i had SB done on the setting of 10. my face is really smooth now...still a little numb and a little red (like a mild sunburn). it hurts a little, some places i felt nothing while in others (like a little under my chin where i didn't have numbing cream) it hurt.

i'm paying for the clearlight seperatly $120 (which you're supposed to get twice a week but since it's such a long ass drive for us i'm only gonna get it the same day i go back for my SB + v beam)

the doctor said that my skin is quite tanned but it's perfect for the treatment and that there should be great results.

right now i don't see much of a difference cept for being red and my red marks actually look a bit redder but i think once i sleep on it and wake up they will be quite a bit faded (though i doubt very much).

it was a bit embarassing cause they put numbing cream on me so i have a gooey white mask of crap on and i had to wait in the waiting room with everyone else LOL....that was weird..everyone looking at me and all) but the hell it's worth it and who's not like i'll ever see any of them ever again and they will foget about me in 3 days.

the clinic did a good job though a bit expensive i'm glad i got it (or at least will be when i see results). i then bought some gly-sal 2%/2% cleanser, chamomlie & comfrey toner(which has glycolic acid and some other hazel extracts and stuff), ultr lite moisture dew (suppose to be a good moisturizer) ,and some elta rv shied spf 30+ oil free sunscreen.

the strange thing is that my next appointment is actually on Nov. 5th (in 2 weeks) so i guess mine are spaced 2 weeks apart.

well after that long day i drove back home which took 2.43 hours in traffic at night using only one hand cause the other one was feeding my stil very numb mouth dry bread and nuts.

i was wondering now does the clearlight really do much? it's supposed to kill the bacteria and all so i think i'll keep having 1 treatment of that per visit.

all in all my skin reacted great, no swelling, no blisters, just a little redness.
the clearlight was very....bright..even through the thick black goggle tings and my eyelids closed it hurt my eyes at some points and eventaully felt like someone was giving my eyeballs a massage.

well that's my story, i'll update you all on my progress every week most likey unless something dramatically good or bad happens :)

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