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I will be sure to let you know. My doctor told me to wait for my peroid to start and then come take a blood test. once he receives the results he will call me and tell me when I can start taking it. This will be in the next week or so so I'll let you know when I notice the results.

Wow...someone mentioned they paid $500.00 for Accutane...I thought $200 was bad. I live in Canada. 80% of the cost is paid with the drug plan I have though.
[quote]Originally posted by sleeptweedledee:
[b]GOOD LUCK with the Accutane cause you are in for a real surprise "It is great " Your lucky too without insurnce that stuff costed me five hundred dollars :eek: But boy was it worth it and yes it takes out that oil trust me mine was like sticking my face in a frying pan full of grease and it only took a month to clear up twelve years of cystic acne and helped scars. I am in my mid twentys soo embarrassing.

Anyway arnt the girls going for that shiney dewy look now.[/b][/quote]

I am really wanting to go on accutane, but I have no insurance, how did it only cost $500. Was that the total or per month. I would love to know.


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