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Hey guys =) I have an appt. with an endo(first time seeing an endo). Can any of you guys give me some advice on what to expect or what I should do before going. For example,
#1. Since their going to be testing my blood. Should I stop taking my vitamins? (Omega 3's, zinc & vitamin E) so they won't interfer with the test? If so, how many weeks/months should I BE stopping the vitamins, before getting tested. (Like u know how ppl who does drugs needs to stop doing drugs for a while when they're getting their pee tested to see if they're drugfree or what nots).
#2. I changed my diet, my house isn't fill with junk food to temp me anymore. no sugar & eating mostly salads(I tried this diet so many times & it always last for 2 weeks before I break down tempted by ice cream & other process food in the fridge). Im doing this diet for the doctor, cause im embarrased of showing my face full of hurtful cyst & gross stuff. Now my skin is healing alittle & no big cyst, only scars & small cyst left. Is this diet change going to interfer with my hormonal test coming out normal when it shouldnt? Or should I go back to eating fruits & bits of junk food here & there, to make my hormones go crazy so the test won't show up normal? LOL=) (I dont want to, :[ but i get hungry sometimes & temptation sucks)
#3. IMPORTANT of all ***What kind of tests are they gonna do or What test should I ask for?*** (what do I say? Test for Hormonal imbalance? Insulin resistant? Deficiences? Pcos? Hirsutism?) Please list them for me.
#4. ("Just incase" kind of question. Don't need to answer) What IF my test came out normal, does this mean curing me is hopeless? Or should I ask for another test or see a new doc.
I also printed out articles and studies about hormones & acne, pcos, hirsutism & anti-androgen treatments like spiro, incase the endo disagrees with me. Wishing Sweetjade1 was still on the board to help me but she's not. So, any other information on what to expect would be appreciated.

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