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I sympothise with you a lot.
I have had bad back ance and face acne for many years, although my face acne has improved over recent years.

About 3 months ago, I decided I wanted to lose weight and went on a diet / detox.

It involved a practical elimination of carbs.
I lost weight and felt a lot better, and also I noticed my back acne just vanished. I thought nothing of it.

Part of the diet plan, was then to re-introduce carbs.
I had totally given up eating bread, I used to have a bread roll every day for lunch. But then I decided to eat bread again.

The back ance has come back, just as it was 4 months ago, and it didnt take long to come back, maybe a week or so.

I started reading some web articles, about wheat intolerence and the part excess insulin plays in acne, and do now believe that certain foods can affect our bodies far more than we think.

There has to be a reason that something is now happening to you, that didnt happen before. It's just a question of finding out what that is.
Maybe not so easy, because we are all so different.

Anyway, I'm going back to cutting out all bread, and I'm also going to cut out milk. I had switched to skimmed milk a few years ago, then went to Soy Milk in the diet. I'll let you know how I get on.

Sorry I cant advise you specifically because we are all different, but i can at least share my personal experiences. Simon.

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