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I guess this may seem like a silly question... but I've been getting these red bumps recently. I have pretty clear skin for the most part, but do get occasional pimples. But recently, I've been getting these red bumps!!! They're not pimples, but they're not as achy as cystic acne. But what else can they be? They never turn in to a white head, but since I pick at it (bad I know) they leave a dark discoloration :-/. And they seem to have memory cause I get them in the same spots (or so it seems!): cheeks/ closer to the nose, chin, and sometimes jawline. Sounds like cystic right? But again, it doesn't hurt!!! Just a red, ugly bump :confused:

Can anyone help?
Hey. I actually bought the Zeno Hot Spot the day I post the message. I tried it several times on that one specific 'bump in question' and it didn't really help it :(. I tried it on another smaller one and it worked better on it. It's $40 and can do 80 applications, but I think I'm going to return it. I get the same results from the Clean and Clear Advantage Spot Treatment that comes in the silver and purple tube. If I use THAT the day of, it calms down a bit. But the Zeno... gotta say I wasn't too impressed. And it didn't eliminate the achy!! I'll wait for another bump (not that I'm holding my breath for one!) and try it out again.

Thanks for the recomendation tho.
How many times did you use it on the pimple? Sometimes it takes two or three times per pimple.Often times with myself I only need it once though (depending on the pimple)
Sorry it didn't help,but it is one of those things that's either hit or miss for people.

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